For more than 100 organizations 54 grants from the Swiss government

BELGRADE, December 9 (Tanjug) – This year, the Swiss government supported more than 100 organizations in
Serbia, by awarding 54 grants, within the project “Together for an active civil society – ACT”.

These organizations received institutional grants, grants for local actions and grants for networks in 2020, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation announced today.

Supported projects cover areas related to human rights, social services, animal protection
environment, health, development and housing, solving specific problems in local communities.

In order for citizens to be more actively involved in local decision-making processes, the Government of Switzerland is over The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation allocated 5.2 million euros, or 5.7 million Swiss
francs for the implementation of the first phase of the ACT project “Together for an active civil society” which lasts until the end of 2023.

In the coming period, organizations will work on solving problems in their community, restoring trust
citizens in the possibility of influencing decision-making, especially at the local level, and contribute
growing civic activism in Serbia.

Almost 65% of supported projects operate outside Belgrade.

By the way, the beginning of the realization of the ACT project was accompanied by the IPSOS research on the state of civil society in Serbia, in 2019, which showed that there are more than 30,000 registered citizens’ associations in the country, and that 79 percent of them believe that they are insufficiently informed about the activities and work of civic organizations

Also, the results showed that 89 percent of citizens did not participate in adoption-related activities
decision in their local community, while only six percent of citizens are involved in civic activities