Success stories

Activism in action – Ecological protest

During the weekend, a civil protest was held in Belgrade on the occasion of the dramatic ecological situation in Serbia, with the support of public figures, which was attended by 10,000 people. The protest was organized by united environmental organizations, including ACT grantors. The Polekol organization, institutionally supported within the ACT, worked on harmonizing the requests of all 45 organizations before the protest in order to unite them in one complete document in thirteen points, which were sent to the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

On this occasion, we spoke with Iva Markovic, a representative of the Polekol association, and asked her to comment on the results of this protest and their activities regarding the articulation of the request. She said: “There are many organizations throughout Serbia that deal with environmental protection, almost as many as there are problems. We have been thinking for a long time how we can help the voice of all of us little ones to be heard louder, which is only possible if we are in a choir. The process of harmonizing the requirements was not easy, but it is necessary – not only because of the strength and legitimacy that it brings, but also because of the better quality of the document. None of us individually has the knowledge and experience we have together. ”

As a result of this activity, environmental organizations have produced a single document in which they set out 13 requirements or 13 chapters related to key environmental issues, which are elaborated in more detail in an extensive document:

Respect for the Constitution and existing laws in the field of environmental protection!
Harmonization of regulations with the highest standards of environmental protection!
Participation of citizens in environmental issues!
Information and education on environmental protection at all levels!
Nature protection!
Protection of all forests, suspension of felling in protected areas and afforestation!
Suspension of construction and revision of harmful SHPP projects!
Preservation of water resources!
Healthy urban environments!
Responsible waste management!
Let’s breathe clean air!
Energy good for everyone!
Comprehensive sustainable development!