Success stories

An institutional grant means safety for the organization

POLEKOL from Belgrade won the institutional grant within the ACT project. Institutional grants were created in order to provide two-year strategic support for the development of the civil society organization in the area in which it implements its key activities.

Polekol is the CSO that primarily deals with the issue of Serbian water fund, preservation of natural waters, protection of drinking and healthy water. Polekol advocates for the protection of the right to healthy and drinking water, as well as the mobilization of citizens in local communities to be intensively involved in the processes of policy making and decision-making in the field of the protection of water resources.

ACT’s institutional grant has supported POLEKOL improve its work, its structure and organization, to draft strategic documents and to focus on strengthening the organization.

We talked about the institutional grantand its benefitst  with the team of POLEKOL.