Results of COVID-19 Rapid Response grant scheme

The COVID-19 Rapid Response grant scheme  supported 16 projects implemented with 16 partner organizations. The supported projects were focused on mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially at the local level.

In total 299 people received psychological support through the online counseling platform, launched on the media portal . In total 225 media media coverage were published, 11 advocacy initiatives were conducted and 15 diferent forms of analyzes, research papers and surveys were conducted. Three trainings were organized for teachers in 23 schools. In total, 44 radio podcasts were realized. Serbian health institutions received 247 requests for access to information of public importance. .

In March 2021 „Ujedinjeni protiv kovida“ launched the campaign Get the Vaccine! Numerous civil society organizations and media have joined, establishing  Get the Vaccine Network, in which currently operates 143 CSOs and media associations, and which continues on advocating for more transparent and accountable management of the situation during the pandemic.

A total of 197,638 citizens benefited from activities on these projects.