Two-day workshop for the networks of CSO was held in Niš

A two-day workshop for the networks of CSOs was organized in Niš on the last day of March and the first day of April.

The aim of the gathering was to exchange experiences of networks in the implementation of the ACT grant, presentation of the achieved results, networking and establishing contacts between networks and individual CSOs, altogether with the informal networking with the ACT team. The meeting in Niš was the first offline meeting between supported networks and representatives of the ACT project, as ACT is almost entirely have been implemented within the context of the global pandemic of COVID 19, which significantly limited activities in offline form.

This was an opportunity for informal discussions and workshop for CSOs from different sectors in which supported networks operate. On behalf of the ACT, the participants were addressed by Jens Engeli, the International Team Leader of the ACT and the Regional Director of Helvetas for Eastern Europe, as well as Gorana Radovanović, the National Team Leader of the ACT project.

In addition to presenting short stories about projects and the creation of networks, public advocacy workshops were held during these two days, the advocacy experience of networks through ACT grant was analyzed, insights were made on the capacity building program implemented during project implementation and final remarks were made, as well conclusions and recommendations for further work. In addition to the members of the ACT team, the workshops were facilitated by representatives of the TRAG Foundation.