What is the Capacity Building Program for CSOs and Local Self-Governments?

At the recently held conference dedicated to the final module of the Program for Building and Strengthening Capacity for Grant Winners for Innovative Partnership Initiatives between Civil Society Organizations and Local Self-Governments, we spoke with Vladimir Pavlović from the Belgrade Open School, which, as a partner of the ACT project, was in charge of implementing of this Program. We asked Vladimir what makes the Partnership Initiatives grant scheme sо special.

The Capacity Building Program was  created and conceptually completely focused on projects within the Partnership Initiatives, in order to strengthen the knowledge and skills of both teams in civil society organizations and the officials themselves in local self-government units. Vladimir said the following about what is the common denominator of the projects approved under the grant scheme:

The experience in implementing the entire Capacity Building Program assures our interlocutor that partnership between the public and civil sectors is possible and that cooperation on an equal, partnership basis is not an unattainable goal.

He referred to all the insights gained through the Program, at the same time giving a recommendation on what should be done next, given that the ACT project ends in 2023 and that the projects within the Partnership Initiatives themselves are completed by the end of August 2022, and that there will be no new call for project proposals in this grant scheme until the end of this ACT phase.