The final conference on partnership initiatives was held

In Belgrade, from June 15 to 17, the final conference of the Program for building and strengthening capacities for grant winners for innovative partnership initiatives between civil society organizations and local self-government units was held. The event was organized as part of the ACT project with the aim of bringing together in one place all 16 project consortia composed of representatives of civil society organizations and local self-governments that implemented approved projects throughout Serbia.

The conference was opened by Melina Papageorgiou, head of the management department of the Swiss Cooperation Office, together with members of the project consortium of the ACT project, Jens Engeli, international team leader of ACT and Maja Stojanović, executive director of Civic Initiatives.

The conference was of a working nature and during the three days, the participants worked intensively on several topics, through three panel discussions and four workshops: Challenges and perspectives of partnership between OGD and LGUs; Presentation of examples of good practice and lessons learned; Presented documented examples of joint work of OGD and LGUs; Recommendations for the next cycles of support for similar initiatives.