Dementia doesn’t choose

In less than a month, 5,639 signatures of citizens were collected for the “Dementia does not choose” Petition, which requests the establishment of a day care center for people with dementia in Belgrade, it was said at the event organized by the Serbian Association for Alzheimer’s Disease (SUAB) and the Serbian Red Cross. The petition, which was supported by 13 citizens’ associations, was submitted to the Secretariat for Social Protection of the City of Belgrade.

The event was organized by our grantees SUAB on the occasion of International Alzheimer’s Day. On this occasion, in addition to the commissioner for the protection of equality and the representative of the Red Cross, the national team leader of the ACT project, Ivana Ćirković, spoke. She told the audience: “I believe that this advocacy initiative of the Serbian Association for Alzheimer’s disease will succeed in ensuring day care for people with dementia from 2023, and that their relatives will receive the necessary support and advice.”

After the official speeches, a Dance to Remember was organized where young people danced with the oldest fellow citizens. The gathered citizens could get information about dementia prevention and support for sufferers and their families at the counters of SUAB, the Red Cross of Serbia, Caritas of Serbia, the Volunteer Service of Zvezdara and Hleba života,