Communicating advocacy successes

The three-day workshop “Communicating Advocacy Successes” is organized at Hotel M from September 21 to 23 for civil society organizations within the grant scheme “Public Advocacy at the Local Level”. 30 participants were present at the workshop, and “Panda Communications” from Croatia created the training at the suggestion of our partners Trag Foundation.

Within this workshop, ACT grantees gained knowledge and skills on the topic of Storytelling, sketching a campaign on a social network, public speaking and creating digital content. Through working in groups and in the plenum, interactive exercises, using examples from their campaigns, the participants practiced the acquired knowledge.

At the beginning of September, a webinar was held organized by Traga, for the winners of the Community boost grants. That webinar was about capacity building in the context of planning social changes in the community. The webinar took place in a working atmosphere, the participants were dedicated.