Let’s develop communities

Last week, training was held for grantees within the call for “Community Boost Grants” on the topic “Let’s develop communities”, which included the ABCD methodology (Asset Based Community Development). In an interactive approach during three days, the trainers discovered with the participants what skills and knowledge the citizens in the community possess, the power of local associations, meeting places, what are the resources of the community and local culture (local stories) in order to successfully develop local communities. The training was attended by 12 participants from five cities.

The lecturers, Ilir Gaši and Nataša Konstantinović from the Trag Foundation, through lively discussion, exercises, work in groups and presentation of results, managed to convey the necessary knowledge, but also to learn about the specifics of the associations operating in Kragujevac, Varvarin, Pirot, Valjevo, Dorćol and their by acting, they initiate and influence the community living in these cities or municipalities.

On the last day of the training, the participants, in addition to the communication skills of storytelling, learned the practical skills of online tools, creating posts in Canva, which they can apply in their daily work. The impressions of the participants were positive and the conclusion is that the ABCD methodology is applicable to organizations that work directly with citizens and organize communities.