Creation of a web platform for users of social protection services in Novi Pazar

Councilors Danijela Božović and Jovana Dubljević, yesterday visited the Association of Psychologists from Novi Pazar, which together with the city, through the project “Creation of a web platform for users of social protection services”, work on the basis of users and social protection services in the territory of the city. On this occasion, they met with City Council member Fevzija Murić and Marija Tiosavljević, in front of the Novi Pazar Association of Psychologists.

According to the project created by the Association of Psychologists, it turned out that the city needs a database of users who wish to be provided with some of the services in the field of social protection”, said the member of the City Council Fevzija Murić, pointing out that seven different social protection service. “The needs of users are great. In the field of planning and forecasting funds in the budget, the formation of a database is of key importance, not only to clearly define the number of users, but also the priority forms of services, because it is a category that changes”, said Murić, emphasizing that, as a form of technical data will be available to support the Department of Social Activities of the GU, while one segment will be electronically available to the parents of service users.

For them, the most important thing is that they can apply electronically for some of the services, without going to the counters and carrying documents. One of the goals is for the complete database to be available to the Center for Social Work, which will, according to the data, create and present the needs of citizens for which the city allocates money from the budget. “Our task was to connect the public sector, in this case local self-government and all organizational units of the City Administration, with providers of social protection services. The pilot phase of the project will be tested and used to provide services to children with disabilities and developmental disabilities. For now, it will be used by two licensed organizations that are providers of this type of service.

We hope that the database will function at full capacity and that other providers of social protection services will enter their users in the register”, said Marija Tiosavljević, in front of the Novi Pazar Association of Psychologists. “It is a pleasure to summarize today the results of one of our best projects. The goal is to support civil society organizations, either in terms of decision-making or improving services to citizens. The project is a good example of partnership cooperation. Through the platform, we expect, the creation of social policy will take into account all the needs of the citizens of Novi Pazar”, said Danijela Božović, program advisor of ACT For an active civile society together), announcing the continuation of cooperation with the City and the Association of Psychologists Novi Pazar.