Step forward in systemic solutions for youth

Through the support of the project “For an active civil society together”, the youth of JAZAS in cooperation with the city of Kragujevac, in the previous 15 months, implemented the project “Step forward in systemic solutions for youth”. This project was supported through a grant scheme of partnership initiatives, which was based on strengthening the partnership between civil society organizations and local self-government units through greater participation of citizens in decision-making processes, better monitoring of the work of local authorities and the improvement of the provision of public services. On this occasion, advisers on the ACT project, Danijela Božović and Jovana Dubljević attended this event.

As part of the project, research was conducted on the position and needs of young people in Kragujevac, the results of which were presented at the final conference. Project activities promoted youth activism, and appropriate mechanisms and tools were created and offered through which young people can directly participate in the creation of local youth policy. The goal of the project is to contribute to the active participation of young people in the development of local strategic documents of interest to young people, specifically in the development of the Strategy at the local level.

In order to create quality programs, the Youth of JAZAS Kragujevac and the city conduct research on the needs of young people. An integral part are the focus groups whose goal is to show in more detail the problems of certain categories of young people. This research will represent a complete database of problems, suggestions and proposals as well as the needs of young people in Kragujevac. The results of the research were presented to the Youth Council of the city of Kragujevac and published on the website.