the final conference was held within the project “Taxi transport for all”

Yesterday, the final conference was held within the project “Taxi transport for all”
The topic of the conference was the inaccessibility of public and taxi transport and the lack of adapted taxis for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs.
The speakers were:
▪️Milan Janković – executive director of the Academic Inclusive Association
▪️Slobodan Tomić – deputy of the Citizens’ Protector
▪️Borjana Peruničić – independent adviser in the service of the Protector of Citizens
▪️Relja Pantić – Head of the Department for Handling Complaints in the Public Sector in the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality
▪️Ivana Ćirković – National team leader of the ACT project
▪️Jovana Novaković – activist of the Academic Inclusive Association
Milan Jankovic spoke about the position of people with disabilities in society and the challenges the organization faced in implementing the project and the support the Association had from significant institutions in implementing the initiative, as well as the organization’s determination to further dedicate itself to this initiative regardless of what the project is. finished
Slobodan Tomić and Borjana Peruničić presented the steps in solving the problem.
Relja Pantic presented the work of the commissioner for the protection of equality in the fight against discrimination of persons with disabilities and various examples from Europe of how and in what way taxi transportation for wheelchair users is arranged.
Ivana Ćirković presented achievements in the implementation of the ACT project.
All interlocutors emphasized the importance of mutual and joint cooperation in order to achieve these goals as soon as possible, hinting that they want to continue their commitment and undertake everything within their competence and authority to ensure suitable conditions for the realization and implementation of further steps.