Program Step Out! for the improvement of communication capacities of organizations

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Civic Initiatives and Panda Communications from Zagreb launched a six-month advanced communication capacity building program – “Leaders!” for 15 organizations supported under the call “Public Advocacy at Local Level 2021”. The supported organizations have previously successfully implemented advocacy campaigns, and with the “Step forward!” program, they will be additionally strengthened in terms of communication with an emphasis on improving digital services, in accordance with individual needs. The communication capacity building program mainly serves to review what has been implemented, identify shortcomings and improve digital communication through direct work, individual trainings and mentoring. To encourage engagement, the “Step Out!” program takes place through three phases: Phase 1: all 15 organizations receive a two-month basic package of personalized online services (refining websites and creating sub-pages, placing and optimizing ads on Facebook/Instagram and Google, support in optimizing and managing newsletters and podcasts, applying for grants on Google and Linkedin platforms , two weeks of individual online consultations for the preparation, creation and marketing of digital content). Phase 2: 3-5 selected organizations have the opportunity to receive an additional one-month package of in-depth customized services (public speaking and on-camera interview training, how to create an action plan and run a campaign, support in daily tasks, practical online support in creating newsletters and podcasts, practical online support in creating digital marketing strategies). Phase 3: The winner receives another month of professional and technical assistance in working on the proposed activities for the continuation of the project (pre-campaign phase, development of an action plan, creation of content, development of announcements, crisis communication and others). Entry criteria for Phase 2: 3-5 organizations will enter the second phase of the program based on the following criteria: • Social usefulness of the project • Quality of previous work on the project • Quality of activity proposals for the continuation of project implementation • Ability of the team and organization to continue the implementation of the project Entry criteria for Phase 3: The winner of the program will be selected according to the following criteria: • Social usefulness of the project • Quality of previous work on the project • Ability of the team and organization to continue the implementation of the project • The quality of the presentation of the Campaign Action Plan (pitch) • A realistic, feasible Action Communication Plan with clearly defined goals, deadlines and expected results of the campaign in the Plan presented during the presentation (pitch) as part of the public speaking training. The selection process The evaluation committee made up of representatives of Helvetas, Civic Initiatives in cooperation with representatives of Panda Communications conducts the evaluation according to the above criteria. What do organizations gain? All organizations (Phase 1): • personalized online services and online mentoring • template and tips for systematizing the achievements of the project so far and the proposed activities that will follow 3-5 organizations (Phase 2): • in-depth customized communication services • support in the development of the Action Communication Plan • support in the development of the Action Communication Plan that will be presented to the commission • Action communication plan for the continuation of project implementation Winner (Stage 3): • Professional and technical support for the implementation of activities from the Action Communication Plan Time period for the implementation of the program “Step forward!” Individual consultations April-May 2023. Start of Phase 2 of the program May 22, 2023. Start of Phase 3 of the program July 2023. All activities within this program must be completed by September 2023. Publication of results After each stage of selection, the ACT team will publish the results of the marks for that particular stage on its website. Also, the ACT team will individually inform all participants about the results. By participating in the “Step Up!” program, organizations agree to abide by the stated program conditions and selection decisions.