Laptop for the best participant of the communication program Iskoraci

Improving communication skills is essential for personal and professional development. Effective communication enables individuals and organizations to clearly express their thoughts and ideas, build strong relationships, resolve conflicts, successfully collaborate with others, present their ideas to the community and stakeholders, and raise funds for a specific goal.

That’s why, as part of the Iskorači program, we additionally strengthened the supported organizations in this segment and enabled them to compete in the three-month program for the award of the best communicated advocacy initiative under the leadership of Panda Communications from Zagreb. Out of fifteen organizations, four made it to the finals:

UG Ternipe from Pirot (Young people are advocating for a summer camp)
UG Bor from Užice (Owners of private forests for afforestation)
UG Hrabriša from Novi Sad (advocating for the inclusion of therapy for children suffering from rare non-communicable diseases in the kindergarten in Novi Sad)
UG Team 42 from Leskovac (advocate for support of the fundraising campaign that would contribute to a greater number of lawyers who would be available to the citizens of Leskovac for legal advice)
After the presentations (pitches) at the end of last week at the Tamish Hotel in Pancevo, the winner of the program is Team 42 from Leskovac, which was half a point better than Hrabriša according to the evaluations of the jury, which was guided by the following criteria:

• Social usefulness of the project
• Quality of previous work on the project
• Ability of the team and organization to continue the implementation of the project
• The quality of the presentation of the Campaign Action Plan (pitch)
• A realistic, feasible Action Communication Plan with clearly defined goals, deadlines and expected results of the campaign in the Plan presented during the presentation (pitch) as part of the public speaking training.

The winner won a laptop that was handed to him by representatives of Helvetas and Panda Communications.