Mutual Response of OCS and LG on Covid-19 caused consequences

For an Active Civil Society Together  (ACT) project has opened a call for the development of innovative mechanisms and tools for greater citizen participation in decision-making processes to overcome the consequences during and after the corona virus-induced pandemic. The partnership between CSOs and local self-government aims to implement and promote reforms in local self-government that improve current practices, significantly improving the current situation by increasing citizen participation in the decision-making process. Through this call, the ACT project seeks to ensure the application of all lessons learned when it comes to the cooperation of LGUs and CSOs during the state of emergency caused by COVID-19.

For the purpose of this call, innovation is defined as any good practice that promotes the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability and citizen participation in support of democracy and good governance. It is basically an innovation: a novelty for the organization or institution in which it is applied (practice, mechanism, tool that did not exist before or was not used) and which has / can have the potential to make a measurable public impact in the local community.

Project proposals for innovative partnership initiatives between CSOs and LGUs should contribute to the fight to overcome the consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) when it comes to participation and mobilization of citizens in the local community, introducing new or improving existing mechanisms and tools citizen participation in decision-making processes.

Up to the top 10 project proposals will be supported through this Call.

The territorial focus is the municipalities in the area of ​​Šumadija and Western Serbia, Southern and Eastern Serbia, while the ACT project plan is to support a maximum of 50% of CSO and LGU partnerships operating in the territory of the City of Belgrade and Vojvodina.

Implementation of activities within the project will last 12 (twelve) months.

The project proposal must be in line with relevant national and local legislation and / or strategies (eg laws, bylaws, strategies, action plans, etc.) and show a clear contribution to the realization of the objectives of national and local strategic documents and action plans (gender). equality, human and minority rights, environmental protection, social protection, local economic development, etc.).

Also, project proposals should offer creative solutions that will enable more efficient implementation of innovations from the Law on Local Self-Government when it comes to citizen participation in creating and making decisions at the local level.

The submission of project proposals that introduce gender-sensitive approaches, tools and services, as well as those related to the issues of vulnerable and marginalized groups, is especially encouraged, which will be further evaluated.

Project proposals should:

It will enable citizens to actively participate in consultation and decision-making processes through innovative mechanisms or tools without the physical presence of measures, programs and policies at the local level in the earliest stages – e.g. budget, local development plan, local anti-corruption plan, local action plan for gender equality, environment, employment, youth, etc .;
Support creative and innovative platforms that encourage cooperation between different actors at the local level in decision-making processes without physical presence – presentation of new instruments, mechanisms and tools for involving citizens, CSOs and interested public and involvement in consultations on public policy drafts;
It will enable citizens to use innovative mechanisms and tools or monitor the work of local government bodies – monitor local government budgets, payments and expenditures for measures created in response to resolving the consequences caused by the coronavirus pandemic, e.g. packages that include the implementation of protective measures and related public procurement, monitoring of expenditures and spending;
They promote changes in the practice of local self-government with citizens by encouraging cooperation in the process of crisis management / emergency situation – e.g. involvement of CSOs in coordination bodies / headquarters for emergency management;
It enables specific target groups (individuals, marginalized groups, farmers, small and medium enterprises, etc.) to obtain all relevant and timely information on support packages, facilities and incentives available to them through innovative mechanisms and tools (eligibility criteria and procedure for application, time limit, etc.);
Improve the system for timely and coordinated information of citizens in crisis situations, e.g. systematization of information published by local self-government, local public health institute, etc .;
Support creative and innovative platforms for direct communication of citizens / users with local governments, obtaining feedback, as well as the process of filing complaints against decisions on granting assistance, e.g. using the chatbot application on local government portals.
The deadline for submitting project proposals is May 28, 2021.

Basic information of this call:

Target group: civil society organizations and local self-government units
Amount according to the project proposal: up to 1,400,000.00 RSD
Duration of individual contracts

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