Network Advocacy Grants

deadlineAPPLICATION DEADLINE: 07.10.2020.

The Swiss Government project ‘For an Active Civil Society Together – ACT’ has launched a Call for Proposals for Network Advocacy Grants.

Network Advocacy Grants (NAG) are aimed at building the capacity of CSO networks for public advocacy at the local and national levels and to increase citizen participation in decision making at the local and national levels.

Under this call for proposals, the following types of association are considered to be CSO networks:

  • Formal networks – networks registered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) as associations, in accordance with the provisions of the Associations Act (Article 7);
  • Informal networks (coalitions, alliances, platforms, unions, etc.) – networks that do not have legal entity status, i.e. that are nor registered with the SBRA as associations, whose members are the CSOs registered in accordance with the Associations Act or the Endowments and Foundations Act.

Project proposals for NAG should:

  • help improve citizen participation in the decision-making processes at the local and/or national levels;
  • help increase accountability in local and/or national institutions;
  • aim for the improvement of services to citizens (including marginalised groups);
  • help strengthen network expertise in its key areas of activity.

The project proposal should put an emphasis on improving citizen mobilisation and participation in all stages of public advocacy, with a view to increasing citizen participation in the decision-making processes at local and/or national levels. An innovative approach to conceiving and implementing advocacy campaigns with active citizen participation and improved communication between the network and the public, better visibility of the advocacy initiative, as well as the publicity of the network’s activities, are particularly encouraged.

The CSO networks whose project proposals are approved for funding will complete a capacity building programme, which will be realised as an auxiliary/parallel programme to the grant implementation and funded by ACT. The programme will cover the following topics: citizen mobilisation, participatory advocacy, communication, network development and management.

Under this call for proposals, ACT plans to support up to 10 formal and informal CSO networks at local and/or national levels. The maximum grant per project proposal is RSD 2,950,000.00.

The application criteria and other information concerning applying for the grant are detailed in the Call for Project Proposals: Network Advocacy Grants – Guidelines for Applicants, included in the attached application package.

Project proposals may be submitted by the CSO networks whose activities focus on some of the following key areas:

  • citizen mobilisation and participation in the decision-making processes,
  • monitoring the implementation of laws and policies,
  • human and civil rights,
  • good governance,
  • gender equality and related matters,
  • decentralisation,
  • environmental protection,
  • social inclusion and marginalised groups.

To be able to apply for this call for proposals, a network and its members (CSOs) must foster the principles/values of democracy, human rights, transparency, inclusion, gender equality, non-violence, openness and accessibility in their activities.

Formal networks should be based in the Republic of Serbia and registered under the Associations Act.

Informal networks should be active on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and their member CSOs should be registered under the Associations Act or the Endowments and Foundations Act. An application sent on behalf of an informal network must be submitted by a civil society organisation which is the coordinator of the network’s activities at the time when the application is being submitted. The CSO applying on behalf of the informal network may not be a beneficiary of another type of support (grant) under the ACT project (Institutional Grant, Local Advocacy Grant or Community Boost Grant).

A CSO which is a beneficiary of another ACT grant may be a member of the network applying for this grant but may not be a beneficiary of the funds awarded to the network, whilst a CSO which is a member of more than one networks that have been awarded the grant under this Call for Proposals may be a beneficiary of the funds awarded to only one of those networks.

A formally registered network or a CSO applying for the grant on behalf of an informal network should have appropriate capacity and is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the awarded project and for the participation of the network in all other activities.

A network may not submit more than one project proposal and may be awarded only one grant under this Call for Proposals.

Considering the low level of local networking, applications by CSO networks that are active at the local level are particularly encouraged.

In the interest of practicality and simplicity, project proposals are to be submitted online only.

Please submit your NAG project proposal at act.civicatalyst.org.

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions concerning the submission of project proposals in the Guidelines included in the attached application package and on the above website.

PLEASE NOTE that the pages in English are for information only, as grants are provided only for CSOs registered in Serbia, so full documentation can only be found on the Serbian pages of this website.

Project proposals must be submitted by 5:00 pm on 7 October 2020.

The Info Session on the Call for Proposals for Network Advocacy Grants was held online with the aim of familiarising the CSO networks with the Call for Proposals and the ACT project.

The presentation from the Info Session held on 15 September can be downloaded here.

Check out also the video of the entire Info Session.

Should you need any further clarifications regarding this Call for Proposals and the application procedure, please write to info@act.org.rs no later than 4:00 pm, Friday, 25 September 2020. Please make sure that your Subject line reads: Call for Project Proposals for Network Advocacy Grants. The ACT team will answer all your queries by 4:00 pm on 30 September 2020 in Frequently Asked Questions, which will be updated every Friday on ACT website.

For the questions concerning the technical aspects of online applications, please write to support@civicatalyst.org

List of CSO Networks Advancing to the Second Round:

Rank CSO Network Title of Project Proposal Average Score
1. Nacionalna koalicija za decentralizaciju (NKD) Naše mesto u Srbiji 76.25
2. Mreža organizacija za decu Srbije (MODS) Pokreni se 72.92
3. Nacionalna asocijacija praktičara/ki omladinskog rada (NAPOR) Važno je! – sistemska rešenja za mlade 62.25
4. Solidarno za prava svih


#Rastrašivanje 62.17
5. Romska ženska mreža Srbije


Dečiji brak nije romska tradicija 60.67
6. Krovna organizacija mladih Srbije (KOMS) Mladi za aktivne Savete 60.17
7. Mreža za mentalno zdravlje “NaUM” Svako može da pukne! 59.17
8. Panonska platforma za ljudska prava


Ljudska prava za sve, svi za ljudska prava – Ka većoj participaciji ranjivih društvenih grupa u lokalnim politikama u Novom Sadu 57.08
9. Mreža za podršku ženama 45+ Javnim zagovaranjem do ekonomskog osnaživanja žena 45+ 56.75
10. Zelena lista Srbije Oplaneti se! 55.50


11. Nacionalni konvent o Evropskoj uniji Otvoreno za građane – Nacionalni konvent o Evropskoj uniji 54.50
12. Ženska romska mreža Banata


Romkinje aktivno u promene 53.42
13. Znanje za zdravlje


Znanje za zdravlje 52.58


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