Area of activity:

Grant duration:

Start of project: 01/2021

End of project: 06/2021

The association was founded by a group of experienced social workers, psychologists and other experts, in 1999, with the aim of improving and developing those aspects of the then social protection system, which were recognized as underdeveloped or missing. Therefore, the focus of our approach then and today (2016) is reaching out to the user, engaging in increasing the availability of social protection services, providing psychosocial support to the most excluded individuals, families and groups and empowering them to actively participate in creating social protection services and social policies. they are concerned.

The mission of the Association is to develop a positive environment in which the rights of marginalized, discriminated and endangered individuals, families and groups will be more respected. Our vision is a society made up of individuals, groups and families who are strengthened and aware of their rights, who are able to use their own capacities to fight and overcome the problems posed by poverty and develop opportunities for a healthy life.