Association “Libero”


Beograd Stari Grad

Area of activity:

  • International cooperation

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

„Youth as the driver of civil society development“

In Libero we believe that young people are the ones that, due to their knowledge, open nature and creativity, energy and persistence, should be the main drivers of building and developing civil society. We believe that they will prepare for this role in the best way if they are familiar with their rights and empowered, as well as encouraged to exercise and enjoy such rights. This is why Libero focuses on the rights of the youth, their protection and promotion.
Libero has a vision to become recognizable, sustainable and renowned platform among young people, through this institutional grant, for:
1) articulating the interest of the youth;
2) joint work with the youth on developing policies and mechanisms for strengthening the position of the youth in the society; and
3) their representation in the decision making process in local and national institutions.
To achieve this, ACT institutional grant and accompanying support will be used to increase own capacities for improved and more efficient integration of the youth into our work through the development of the Youth Inclusion System. This system strives to enable the young people active inclusion into all the phases of resolving issues the youth in Serbia faces, from initiation and starting articulation of the issue, through participation in the process of solution development, development of mechanism and policies that will address this issue, to advocating solutions towards decision makers and institutions, as well as promoting the developed solution among relevant social stakeholders.