Udruženje građanki FemPlatz

Association of Female Citizens “FemPlatz”



Area of activity:

  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Law

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

ORGANIZATION’S MOTTO: Equality, empowerment and respect for rights – at all time, for each and every girl and woman
ORGANIZATION’S STATEMENT: We want to make a contribution to building a society in which all male and female citizen will live on equal basis. Through dissemination of information and empowerment of girls/women and improvement of institutional responses to the exercise of one’s rights and social exclusion, we advocate a society in which gender equality and respect for human right would be guaranteed for all male and female citizens.
Through ACT Institutional grant, FemPlatz will inform both the male and female citizens about their work and have them involved in the discussions on gender equality, in order to be able to raise new issues with them and motivate them for greater engagement in the protection and promotion of gender equality in the community. They will discuss the position of women in socio-political life and proposals for improving the quality of life and respect for women’s rights in Serbia today. Also, they will publish texts and an electronic magazine on gender equality. Further on, this grant will enable them to continue monitoring the exercise of women’s rights in Serbia and advocate policies and practices which will ensure equality, empowerment and respect of the rights of girls and women. Inclusion of women from various social groups is necessary for the decision-making within this organization and this is what they wish to achieve through this project. FemPlatz is an organization that grounds its work on partnerships with other associations and through this grant, they intend to reinforce this cooperation, but also to empower their team through mentoring support that will be provided.