Association “Okular”



Area of activity:

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

“The youth changes the world”

Through our work, we strive for strengthening the social activism of children and the youth and improving the quality of life in the local community and beyond. While we implement activities aimed at the children or the youth or with them, at the same time, we impact our environment by informing, pointing out current issues and possible solutions. What is most important, we show that life in a small community does not have to be a limitation, it can be used as a significant potential.
ACT institutional grant will enable further work of the inclusive house for the children and the youth in Ćićevac, and our independence in future work. During the next two years, we will continue with our regular activities including, among others: inclusion workshops, supporting young people with disabilities and without disabilities on their path to personal development and working with children and the youth with behavioral issues.
We will strengthen “Okular” by including more young people into our work and by hiring a first permanent employee, enabling the Inclusive house for children and the youth to be open every day, and available for everyone wishing to visit it.
We will meet more with our citizens and deal with what is important for them, instead of requests of donors, to make our municipality of Ćićevac a better place for all of us.