Asocijacija DUGA

Association RAINBOW



Area of activity:

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

“Support, trust, security”
Our team provides support to the most vulnerable people in our society to exercise their rights and live freely, with dignity and equality. Our two basic policies from the beginning have been and remain, direct work with vulnerable populations and the impact of the programs we create and implement with people throughout Serbia. We are led by the idea of not allowing anyone to be forgotten!
In Serbia, there is no standardized preventive social method of work, which would be economical and inclusive, and at the same time accessible and adequate. Due to such shortcoming, many vulnerable populations in Serbia are at constant risk of being faced with problems that cannot be resolved, due to the already existing vulnerabilities, and institutions in Serbia are not in a situation to engage in preventive work, due to the lack of employees and a large number of users, and in particular, in non-preventive work within a community, which has proven to be the most effective.
Within a two-year period, and with the support of ACT, we will focus on creating prerequisites for the standardization of the first, preventive social method of work in Serbia. If we were to succeed, our work will increase the availability of social protection services to those who need it the most, in their social environment, i.e. where they feel most secure. This preventive method of work will also impact the inclusion and the increase of welfare of our most vulnerable and most often forgotten male and female citizens.