Udruženje Omladinski centar CK13

Association “Youth Center CK13”+logo


Novi Sad

Area of activity:

  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Law

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

Through its activities, CK13 encourages self-organization and social engagement of young people, but also of other generations as well, through the implementation of activities and content in the field of politics, social activism, culture and art, as well as providing resource and logistical support to other organizations and initiatives from Novi Sad and beyond. CK13 aims is to provide an alternative to the institutional vacuum, primarily in terms of the development and sustainability of independent public spaces, free for critical thinking and the development of political self-awareness of citizens and their autonomous action in their environment. Through its programs, CK13 promotes the value of solidarity, absence of violence, equality, anti-fascism, feminism, veganism, subcultural pluralism.
Owing to the institutional ACT support, the CK13 Youth Center will achieve sustainability of organizational development, as a prerequisite for improving its political program and social influence and motivating citizens for more decisive political action. Such development will be achieved through the internal processes of the association’s restructuring, through greater involvement of the young, and through the preparation of strategic and planning documents. Owing to the ACT support, the archiving of the organization’s rich experience will be accelerated and the basis for the most efficient transfer of knowledge of the organization to new generations will be laid. At the same time, the relation with the civil public will be improved, through further development of the program of repoliticization of social everyday life, as well as the informal education of citizens, primarily young people. Also, one of the long-term results of this project will be initiating the establishment of new civic groups and organizations and building their program and organizational capacity. Through these processes, the Center will even further reinforce itself as a platform for the work of other organizations.