Edukativni centar - Kruševac

Educational Center – Kruševac (ECK)



Area of activity:

  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Law

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

Educational Center is the house of civil activism
Educational Center – Kruševac (ECK) was founded in July 2000 and was registered in May 2001 as non-government, non-political and non-profit association with the vision of developed civil society respecting and protecting the rights of each citizen. ECK mission is to promote and develop civil society through lifelong informal education and support to active civil engagement.
The main areas of our activities are the Support to active involvement of citizens in the social life of the community and the Implementation of lifelong informal education in the area of democracy, civil society, human rights, respecting diversity, culture of peace and non-violence.
ECK was founded with a purpose to strengthen civil initiatives in the community and raise awareness on the significance and the role of citizens in decision making processes, as well as include citizens in the creation, implementation and monitoring public policies and practices on local, national and international level. Within our course of action, special focus is given to improvement of the role of local communities in the creation and implementation of public policies and practices, as well as active inclusion and participation of citizens in decision making processes in local communities. We are actively involved in monitoring and evaluation of current local and national public policies and in the process of creation of new and innovative services for citizens.
In the following two year period, with institutional support, we intend to continue and further develop our basic, activist role of increasing power and influence of citizens to creation, implementation and monitoring of public policies and practices that concern them.
Since the beginning of 2020, ECK started reconstructing and fitting property in Kruševac with the intent to start a House of Civil Activism in it. Resource Center is planned within this building for citizens, formal and informal organizations, groups and initiatives. Premises and equipment in the building will be available, on daily level, to provide information, advice and practical support, as well as organizing activities, events and actions of organized citizens.