The Association for the Promotion and Ecological Marketing of Natural Values EKOMAR




Area of activity:

  • Environment

Grant duration:

Start of project: 03/2022

End of project: 02/2022

The Association for the Promotion and Ecological Marketing of Natural Values EKOMAR has been actively involved in activities that contribute to the preservation of environmental protection in Kragujevac since 2015. In its work so far, the association has mostly dealt with the education of the student population (primary and secondary school), as well as the public in order to form environmental awareness and proper action, familiarity with natural values, their endangerment and protection.

The results of these activities are permanent and available to the public in the form of educational educational ecological trails on Lake Šumarica in Kragujevac, in the form of ecological brochure “Small guide to environmental problems and solutions of the city of Kragujevac”, organization of numerous workshops, Fish & Reptiles fest. The main goal of EKOAR is to improve environmental protection through educational environmental programs and the promotion of natural values and resources of protected and unprotected parts of nature. Organizing activities for the rehabilitation of endangered areas, as well as public advocacy for changing habits in terms of conservation and sustainable use of natural values and resources.

The project “The Green Perspective of Kragujevac” is supported by the ACT project within the grant scheme “Local Advocacy Grants” and will be implemented in the Šumadija district in the period from March 1st, 2022 to February 28th , 2023. The project is being implemented in the field of environmental protection.