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Environment Protection Engineers


Novi Sad

Area of activity:

  • Environment

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

„Think globally, act locally“

Awareness on the significance of the environment and the knowledge on the manner in which human behavior impacts the environment are the driving force of Environment Protection Engineers. The inspiration for establishment and activities was found in the letter of the Indian Chief Seattle from 1854 (link to the letter – and the essential message it carries: “Whatever happens to the Earth, it will happen to the sons of the Earth”.
Environment Protection Engineers were founded in 2005, and for the last fifteen years, they have been actively contributing to informing citizens, organizing and calling to action to provide joint participation in creating an active society that will be aware of the fact that if we wish to secure healthy environment for our children with enough resources, we must all contribute.
Institutional support of the ACT project will enable us to expand our capacities and respond to a growing need to focus public policies on sustainable development and green economy. Also, it will enable us to strategically observe our future work and reach more citizens and decision makers through sound planning and direction. Owing to the institutional support we will have capacity to respond to a growing number of requests from citizens related to issues they face concerning environment pollution. Special attention shall be given to the improvement of information sharing with citizens on law enforcement related to environment protection and circular economy.