Ekološki pokret Vrbasa

Environmental Movement of Vrbas (EMV)



Area of activity:

  • Environment

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

„I will be the change I wish to see around me!“

Our goal is to raise the level of sustainability and the strength of our organization to contribute to further democratization and development of civil society on local level for our further organizational and program development. Our actions will be more efficient with new strategic capacities and guidelines of the organizational development, with improved potential for accomplishing positive changes in the society.

Our primary topic will be raising awareness on the significance of decentralization, sustainable development and resilience of local communities founded on the natural law of diversity, humanitarian law and principles of harmony between the environment and economy. Corona virus pandemic emergency sharpened the self-preservation sense of citizens. Conditions of reduced availability of resources and increased need to rely on own strength and potential will be a sound basis for analyzing true priorities in life, on the local community level, and on the individual family level.
We will enable better visibility of EMV, promote local entrepreneurs, improve cooperation with economic operators, group and educate active citizens and CSO regarding strengthening the resilience of local communities to climate change and other external influences. We will continuously monitor the environment, promote volunteering, cooperate with schools…