Prijatelji dece Srbije



Beograd Savski Venac

Area of activity:

  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Law

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

“Be a friend of the children”

We improve the position of children and the youth in the society by actively working on respecting children’s rights, constantly advocating participation of children and the youth in all the areas of life they relate to. We include students – future experts, as well as professionals in the area of social and health protection, education, culture and media and children’s rights in general. By connecting them, we wish to encourage them, as well as all interested citizens, to jointly and actively change the society – in which children and their rights and respected and protected.

Through the support of the ACT project, this is a chance for building stronger bonds with the citizens, by removing the stigma surrounding the concept of children’s rights in our society – as well as achieving more powerful impact on the community and decision makers. The grant will help us increase the number of activists, improve procedures and action mechanisms – on the Republic and local level, and enable internal and external development of Friends of Serbia, with the final purpose of improving the position of children and the youth in our society.
Improved relationship with the citizens through the increase of their quantitative and qualitative inclusion in the work of the organization followed by solid and improved cooperation within the associations of Friends of Children all over Serbia, and other CSO dealing with the protection and promotion of children’s rights and the broad public – will result