Organization for Political Ecology “Polekol”


Beograd Zvezdara

Area of activity:

  • Environment

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

Motto: “Right to water is a right to live. Water for all!”

Statement: Environment protection, sustainability and social equality are neglected areas in Serbia. Interests of local communities are ignored, public has scarce or no information about them. There is too much room for corruption and violation of rule of law. Water resources are endangered in multiple ways. Water must be and remain public good. Everybody should have access to sufficient amount of safe water to satisfy basic needs. Public must be notified in case of water resource pollution risk.
Project description: Organization for political ecology Polikol will use the grant primarily to build and further improve its own internal capacities to enable better response to the requirement of civil inclusion into the decision making processes on local and national level related to environment protection and preservation of natural goods.
Institutional grant will further support activities within the initiative Right to Water that promotes protection of water resources and the right of every citizen to access sufficient amount of safe water for living requirements. Population has shown the need to actively participate in the decision making processes, but, there is enough room to improve organization and resistance of local initiatives. Funds will be used to increase the number of activities on local level, increase advocacy, prompt sharing of valid information, monitoring of development of public policies related to water goods on local level and increased civil mobilization