"Pridruži se" Paraćin

“Pridruži se” Paraćin



Area of activity:

  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Law

Grant duration:

Start of project: 03/2022

End of project: 02/2023

Since its founding in 2010, the association has focused on projects related to youth policy and inclusion of young people in social flows and decision-making at the local level, including developing strategies for youth, choosing a profession, gender equality and recognizing youth interests in the local community.

Later, the association changed its name and focused on respect for human rights, local democracy and environmental protection. The association conducted a project – the research “Oppose”, the results of which were used before the institutions of the Council of Europe, and which pointed to serious abuses of the police and the judiciary. The Association has conducted and is conducting activities related to environmental protection related to the issue of human rights protection and involvement of citizens in decision-making while raising awareness of environmental protection among both citizens and decision-makers.

In the project “Let’s defend Baba Mountain”, the association deals with advocating the interests of citizens endangered by the opening of a quarry that started operating without all the necessary permits, in order to protect the environment and nature. The project continues by advocating for a decision on the protection of this area through the project “Let’s protect the mountain Baba” which is ongoing, aiming to adopt a formal initiative to declare a protected area of III category. At the same time, projects for educating young people in the field of ecology and nature protection were implemented, through projects such as “Embrace the tree” in which primary school students were educated about the importance of forests and passed the podcast school in a studio equipped by the association.

The intention of the association is to continue to deal with topics in the future, the focus of which is the defense of the interests of citizens, public advocacy, defense of human rights and freedoms, transparency.

The project “Transparent spending of budget funds” was supported by ACT within the grant scheme “Local Advocacy Grants”. The project will be implemented in the field of law, advocacy and policy.