Area of activity:

  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Law

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022


Pro.Tok21 is a CSO established to support the sustainable development of the local community. It brings together enthusiasts of various profiles who are determined to offer the local community the new concepts of social functioning. All of our activities are directed at raising civic awareness, activating citizens and changing the ecological culture and sustainable development, but also at changing the policies relating thereto. The communication with the community is based on an affirmative and transparent approach to resolving local problems.

In the course of the two years, the institutional grant will significantly improve the capacities of the Pro.Tok21 organization, by financing the lease of premises (organization’s office) and relevant equipment, one employee – paid organization’s secretary, as well as the financial support for the promotional and educational activities. By fulfilling the plans related to this grant, significant improvement will be made in the organizational and managerial, but also technical capacities of the organization, project writing, increasing the number of members, spreading knowledge and skills, attracting funds. This of course will lead to the engagement of a much larger number of people and implementation of even more activities, as well as to the increase in the number of people who would benefit from the association’s services and initiatives, which of course, creates a stronger bond’s within the community. The organization’s visibility will increase, as well as the annual turnover, through various financing resources. The activities we are planning are public events, such as debates, workshops, street actions, podcasts and social networks, but also activities involving active citizen’s participation, and advocating new issues.