Somborski edukativni centar

Sombor Educational Center



Area of activity:

Grant duration:

Start of project: 10/2020

End of project: 09/2022

Organization’s Motto: People from Sombor are there for each other.
Sombor Educational Center (SEC) exists for citizens and it is our goal to represent the interest of citizens. Our mission is to improve the situation of children, youth and members of marginalized groups through informal education, charity work and social inclusion. We believe in a society in which children, the youth and marginalized groups enjoy all the rights on local, national and international level motivating them to work on changes in the society.
Sombor Educational Center, with the support of the ACT institutional grant, works on the inclusion and empowerment of citizens for monitoring and improvement of local policies, as well as improvement of gender equality and social inclusion of children and the youth from marginalized groups in the local community. SEC trains employees and volunteers and works on the development of new and upgraded current internal documents. Trainings, events and other public events for children and young people, activists, volunteers, youth workers and other experts are organized in the Sombor Educational Center. With the support of the ACT institutional grant the SEC will work on strengthening trust and a wider inclusion of citizens that may benefit from the association’s program related to their personal development as well as their active participation in the social and political life of the local community.