Удружење Тачка комуникације ДОТKОМ

Tačka komunikacije DOTCOM



Area of activity:

    Grant duration:

    Start of project: 09/2021

    End of project: 08/2022

    he Association Tačka komunikacije DOTKOM focuses on topics related to cultural heritage and cultural tourism, and especially on the collection, archiving, presentation and affirmation of the heritage of local communities. The goal of the organization is to inform citizens about this topic and involve them in the processes of preserving and presenting social history. By implementing projects in these areas, the organization seeks to become recognizable as a team that contributes to improving the overall system of preservation and presentation of cultural heritage and social history of a city and the way the identity of an environment or community has developed.

    The project “Democratization of the decision-making process in the municipality of Stari grad” is jointly implemented by the DOTKOM and the city municipality of Stari grad – Belgrade. The project is designed to increase the participation of citizens in decision-making processes related to the planning and development of the municipality of Stari grad. The project envisages the development of an application as a tool intended for more efficient participation of citizens. The total value of the project is 2,080,000.00 RSD. The association participated with 20% in the total budget, while the local self-government contributed with 15% of the total amount.