Duga - Ada

The Association of Citizens of Duga – Ada



Area of activity:

  • Citizen participation in the decision making process

Grant duration:

Start of project: 09/2021

End of project: 08/2022

The Association of Citizens of Duga – Ada was founded in 2001. The work of the association is aimed at children from poor families, children with special needs and children from marginalized, vulnerable groups. Through project activities, the association develops a system of values, initiates and conducts educational work with children and youth, all with the aim of improving the conditions for normal growing up and improving children’s rights and freedoms.

The project “Social protection in the service of citizens” is implemented in partnership by the citizens’ association Duga – Ada and the Municipality of Ada. The goals of the project are to improve social protection on the territory of the municipality, to introduce a normative framework for development at the local level, to increase the territorial and functional accessibility of social services, to increase the scope and quality of social services and active citizen participation. The total value of the project is 1,818,100.00 RSD. The share of local self-government in the total project budget is 23%.