The Association of Psychologists of Novi Pazar

The Association of Psychologists of Novi Pazar


Novi Pazar

Area of activity:

  • improvement of public services

Grant duration:

Start of project: 09/2021

End of project: 08/2022

The Association of Psychologists of Novi Pazar was founded with the aim of promoting an inclusive approach to people with disabilities. The association was founded in 2014, as an organization that provides support to people with disabilities and other marginalized social groups and the implementation of social protection services. The Association works on building a civil society based on equal opportunities and equality of all citizens, non-violence, non-discrimination, respect for human rights regardless of differences.

The project called “Creating a platform for social protection services on the territory of Novi Pazar” will be implemented by the city of Novi Pazar and the Association of Psychologists. The project aims at more adequate planning and budgeting of social protection services in the local community, better accessibility of public services for children and youth with disabilities and / or disabilities. The total value of the project is 2,121,100.00 RSD. The participation of the association is 13% of the value of the project, while the local self-government participates with 21% of the funds.