Удружење ромских студената

The Association of Roma Students


Novi Sad

Area of activity:

  • Advocacy and Politics
  • Law

Grant duration:

Start of project: 01/2021

End of project: 06/2021

The Association of Roma Students was founded by a group of Roma students in 2000, when only 18 Roma studied at the University of Novi Sad. The motive of self-organization of this small group was focused on the need to provide a new and different cultural foundation as a fundamental prerequisite for the healthy integration of the Roma community into society. That effort meant fighting to provide better study conditions and schooling in general. In addition to focusing on the existential problems of the Roma community, the work of the association was (and remains) focused on creating competent individuals who would be self-aware, responsible, efficient, politically and ideologically profiled and focused on protecting and preserving their community.

This means that permanent encouragement in building personal and collective capacities in the relationship between communities and society is the only guarantee that the results of the work of the association will be visible. Today, after more than eight years since the organization was founded, the number of Roma at the University of Novi Sad has increased by over 150 students. The undoubted contribution of our organization is confirmed by this quantitative data, however, the focus needs to be focused on the problem of quality and competence. In the current social organism, education is conditioned by money, and the reality of the Roma community in a broader context are marginal positions. The more than obvious fact that education in that case becomes a privilege and not a general right, outlines new problems for the organization, but also guidelines on which the work of the association should be further oriented.