Institutional Grants

IG Call Statistics

Part of the ACT Project’s mission is to support small and medium CSOs. Of the 30 CSOs that received institutional support, 𝟰𝟯% had an average annual turnover of up to € 20,000, while only 𝟭𝟬% had a turnover of € 81,000 to € 100,000.

Distribution of awarded CSOs by key areas: Most of the CSOs deal with Law, Advocacy and Politics, Social Services, and Environmental Protection, while very few deal with Healthcare and International Cooperation.


Part of the mission of the ACT project is to support civil society organisations registered and operating outside Belgrade.

Out of 30 supported CSOs, as many as 20 of them are registered and operate outside the city of Belgrade.


As part of the process of selecting organisations for institutional support, 8 ACT Infield Assessors visited 49 CSOs throughout Serbia and conducted interviews with a total of 360 individuals (average 7.35 persons per CSO / application) in order to get a better insight into their work and assess their organisational and programme capacities.

The reactions of organisations to this approach were extremely positive, as not only does it ensure high-quality evaluation, but it also gives organisations the opportunity to look at the current state of the organisation, see their own organisational, financial, and programme capacities, and be encouraged to think about future changes and improvements within the organisation.